05 December 2014

NPPD Opinion Presented as News

A recent report and article by the Nebraska Radio Network presented opinions of the Nebraska Public Power District as news.

The article, available online, indicated that all Nebraskans will benefit from construction of the R-Project. A representative of the utility company was quoted as saying that construction of the line will ... "benefit all of our customers throughout the state."

There were no details given on the factual basis for this comment. It is simply the opinion of the corporation which is promoting the transmission line, and facilitating private — for profit — development of wind turbine facilities within the sandhills.

There is no known survey with results available for the public to consider, that might indicate the point-of-view of "all our customers" to determine if they would benefit? IF NPPD is going to make claims associated with the r-project, they need to provide the facts upon which they they are based.

The reality is that, based upon numerous comments given at several public hearings, the majority of speakers were opposed to the transmission line corridor, so they have obviously indicated that they would not benefit from the current r-project plans.

The primary focus of this article was not news and should be indicated to be an opinion piece. The reporter is doing a disservice to readers to present it otherwise.

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