19 June 2008

Olympic Promotion Helpful in Reducing Bird Hazard

Promotional material installed on the west facade on the Qwest Center Omaha is the type of material helpful in reducing the danger of the reflective glass surface for birds.

The screening makes the wall visible to birds, whereas it was formerly transparent. The colorful material also removes the reflective character of the wall, which also renders the surface readily visible. Only a portion of the entire wall is being covered.

Window screening placed above the north entry.

Installing the window screening at the south end of the west wall.
Note the obvious difference in the reflective character of the setting once the glass is covered.

Another illustration of the screening, showing the change in the reflective character of the glass.

The International Olympic Committee paid for installation of the glass screening, according to the installers. Olympic swimming trials will be held at the facility in ten days.

More than 40 bird strikes, most of which resulted in a bird death, were recorded at this locale during May and through mid-June. With migration season over for now, there have been no additional records of bird strikes noted since June 11th.

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