Passenger Pigeon

Links to articles on the extinct Passenger Pigeon, which have been transcribed in their entirety for this blog. These items are in addition to the several which have been previously posted. These are not all of the items in my historic ornithology database that pertain to this species, but only those with a focus on this extinct birds' lore or occurrence, historic significance and that typically convey more than a few words or short paragraph.

Articles are presented as published, including variant spelling unless it is a blatant misspelling. Complete bibliographic details conveyed were to find the source material, if interested.

Introduction to this Special Presentation

Chronicles of the extinct Passenger Pigeon in historic newspapers.

The following transcriptions are listed in chronological order.


1800s and 1810s








There is a multitude of additional subsequent articles of interest and pertinence to this subject, but they are beyond the scope of the ancient avifauna project.

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James E. Ducey said...

Amazing collection of articles. Please continue to share such material. I just love it.

Joel Greenberg (as received via an email)

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