15 May 2014

Trees in Canada Universally Covered with Pigeon Nests

Portland, July 1.

Extract of a letter from Bridgeton, to the Editor of this Paper.

"The following discovery has lately been made at Sunbury Canada, a new settlement on Amaroscoggin River.

A Mr. B. Ruffe, was hunting in the woods in the beginning of May, and found a large extent of ground where the trees were universally covered with Pigeon nests, containing the young. On his return home, his account was not credited by his neighbours. About a fortnight after, several of them accompanied him, and found his account did not equal what they there beheld! A large extent of land of several miles, thro' which they passed, (how much farther they knew not) the trees on which were entirely covered with Pigeon nests. The young were mostly in their nests, but ready to fly. There was but one in a nest, still they took four dozen from a tree. They took from 50 to 100 dozen in a day.

The scene was admirable to behold! The young were hovering on the nests, and calling for food, while the old ones darkened the air with a continual motion to and from the nest, busily employed in feeding their young."

July 13, 1791. Portland. Litchfield Monitor 6(314): 3. Issued July 13, 1791.