19 May 2014

First Strike Fatality at UNO Community Center

Having watched its construction, it became obvious that the class on the northern facade of the Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center would be a deadly place for birds. It did not take long for a window-strike to occur at this most recently built building at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. A dedication on April 17th marked the official opening of the structure.

On the morning of May 19th, a dead Swainson's Thrush was found beneath window on the north side of the building. The area had been scanned on many previous days, but this was the first time a carcass was located. The bird hit the reflective glass about 35 feet east of the doorway. The death probably occurred on the 18th.

The thrush carcass is in the near-center of the upper photograph, behind the second bit of greenery from the left side.

This is undoubtedly only the first bird-window strike that will result because of the extent of use of highly-reflective glass and due to the placement of landscaping. Numerous trees have been placed northward of the center and will be reflected in the glass panes. They are also at a distance sufficient to be a hazard when birds flew southward from them towards a hard surface which will be mistakenly perceived as a tree.