18 May 2014

Wild Pigeon Roost in Missouri

Timid and harmless animals become formidable and even terrible when congregated in great numbers. They take no notice whatever of man, and in their congregated capacity become his foe. A herd of buffalo on the plains is a terror in its march; a drove of rats in northern Europe attacks all living things that come in its way, and even a flock of pigeons, if big enough, becomes a great nuisance if not a danger. A pigeon roost is a big thing, and they have a big pigeon-roost on the Auglaize river, near Dodson's camp-ground, Camden county, Missouri. It is an annual roost, and disturbs the quiet of the people of the section. the newspaper man finds it difficult to edit and print his paper in a pigeon-roost. Millions of pigeons cover the trees, and sometimes break them down. There is a frightful confusion of noises in this pigeon pandemonium — the crashing of limbs, the roaring of multitudinous pigeons, and the cracking of shot-guns sweeping the birds down by hundreds and thousands, all night long. Nobody can sleep in such an uproar and more than they could amid the thunders of a raging battle. Besides this thee is a darkening of the air by the birds in their flight, which makes continually cloudy weather. But the people of this pigeon-roost are making the best of the situation. The pigeon has become a leading article of commerce in the country. Last year over 100,000 pounds of pigeons were shipped from Stoutland, and the pigeon yield this year promises to be as good. But everything else stops in the pigeon-roosting season except the newspaper. — St. Louis Republican.

October 24, 1877. A wild-pigeon roost in Missouri. New York Evening Express, page 1.