18 May 2014

Pigeons Spoiling Crop Fields in Wisconsin

The Wood County (Wis.) Reporter says: "Farmers are complaining bitterly of the damage done by the millions of pigeons which have made headquarters at or near Friendship, and make marauding expeditions every morning with the regularity and certainty of a Sherman bummer. Fields of wheat are being completely spoiled, and all grain sowed is as good as lost to the husbandman. — Hundreds of flocks may be seen every morning flying to the northwest to feed on the acorns of the oak forests in the western portion of the county, and returning with the approach of night."

The Waupaca County (Wis.) Republican says that the pigeons are spoiling the wheat fields. They dig up wheat by the acre.

May 24, 1871. The pigeons. Madison Observer 50(2571): 2.