19 May 2014

Pigeon Hunting in Oneida County New York

Rumor, than whom there is no fiend more swift of foot, and poisoned tongue, has been much circulated of late, that the woods surrounding this classic villa, were filled to overflowing with flocks of wild pigeons. Acting on this belief and supposition, some half-dozen of our brave and valiant hunters, seizing their "shooting sticks," sallied forth one pleasant morning, to bag the game, and scatter death and destruction on every hand. But alas! how often does noble effort fail to receive its just reward. Though our heroes skirted over hill and dale, through forest and glen, till tired and weary, they wended their way homeward, with only one luckless bird as a trophy; yet they aver that they discovered whole acres of ground, which had but recently been scratched over by the ravenous birds. Our Nimrods will, by this wonderful discovery, doubtless be stimulated to renewed exertions, until the woods cease to echo the cooing notes of the wild pigeon.

May 1, 1862. Pigeon hunting. Clinton Courier 5(35): 3.