19 May 2014

Sky-Rockets Among Pigeons at Cleveland

A few days since, while the wild pigeons were flying in innumerable quantities over the city, Mr. Geo. N. Baker, proprietor of the pyrotechnics establishment at the corner of Perry and Superior street, thought he would see what effect his fire-works would have upon the feathered tribe, and upon trial discovered a new field for sporting gentlemen to humor their fancy. Just as a large flock approached he sent hissing through their midst a half dozen heavy rockets, producing a wild and irrepressible consternation; at once the vast flock would change its course, while the greatest number would come down within a few yards of the ground, wandering about in wild confusion. One heavy rocket bursting just before a large flock and shooting out its hundred fiery, hissing serpents, had the effect to send the whole brood flying upwards until it was lost to the sight. In many instances large numbers, diving in wild confusion to the earth, were captured by boys in the neighborhood, who together with many people who happened to be on the ground enjoyed the sport as peculiar original and well worthy 'The Spirit of the Times.' — Cleveland Plaindealer.

April 5, 1860. Sky-Rockets among pigeons. Jeffersonian 19(13): 1. Also April 4, 1860 in the Daily Dispatch, issued at Richmond Virginia.