19 May 2014

Skirmishes All-day After Suffering Pigeons in Wisconsin

Our village is vocal, after a fashion, with the noise of firearms. Morning, noon, and night the report of guns warns us that somebody or thing has gone the way of all flesh, and is en route for that receptacle of defunct fowls — the pot. The suffering party here are the pigeons, which are quite plenty in the woods, and form a tempting invitation to all sportsmen which is not slighted. So far we have been unfortunate; we have got no gun — turned ours over to the government — and nobody, as yet, has remembered the editor by leaving him some of their spoil. If anyone was to offer us some pigeons we of course would accept them, not that we wanted them, but merely as an act of courtesy.

September 21, 1865. Skirmishing. Door County Advocate 4(19): 3.