18 May 2014

After the Pigeons Near Sacramento

Scores of hunters were out from the city after wild pigeons yesterday, and every bird between the Homestead and Folsom, on both sides of the American, had a chance to smell powder smoke. A few of the shooters are reported to have made good bags, but the majority had little game to show when they returned. All were satisfied, however, the universal idea being that it would pay to take advantage of such a fine day for a tramp, even if they had not got a feather. Speaking of these pigeons, we notice that the papers quite generally throughout the State mention their being seen in or near the respective localities where the papers are published. The South Coast, of San Luis Obispo, has the following to say concerning them: "Immense flocks of wild pigeons abound in the hills of Santa Paula. These birds are quite large, and excellent eating. They are genuine English wild pigeons, and were first brought to this coast by the Hudson Bay traders, at Vancouver, where they multiplied so rapidly that the company were obliged to exterminate them, except such as escaped and became wild. They weigh from one to three pounds."

February 24, 1879. After the pigeons. Sacramento Daily Record-Union 7(364): 3. A portion from San Luis Obispo South Coast. Also: February 15, 1879 in Salt Lake Daily Tribune 16(100): 3.