25 May 2014

State Agency Evaluating Water Quality Concern at Carter Lake

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality is evaluating a water quality concern associated with water being pumped into Carter Lake. The pumping activity is being done by the Public Works Department of the City of Omaha. This evaluation may include further investigation, according to an email received from the agency.

A request to agency asked that they look into the water turbidity present the morning of May 17th associated with the inflow of water from the pump operated by the city agency. The discoloration of the water was obvious.

There was no response received from an email sent to City of Omaha officials.

Pictures of the tainted water taken on May 17th.

With the millions spent to improve water quality at Carter Lake, why is the water being pumped in by Public Works obviously degrading the water where it enters the lake at the pump station outlet on the north side within Levi Carter park?

From what was heard from a Public Works official on the phone, the state agency, along with a representative of this city agency, visited the lake in regards to this issued on May 28th.