18 May 2014

Wild Pigeons Congregating Near Mandeville

Since about the first of March, last, thousands of these migratory birds have congregated within from one to four miles of Mandaville, sometimes, when on the wing, almost blackening the sky. Their number has been so great, that it is said that the timber where they roost has been materially injured by the breaking off of nearly all the limbs. Of late they have selected the smaller timber and brush, where, during the darkness of night, they can be picked or knocked off their roost, which has afforded rare sport. During the night they keep up a constant chatter and buzz throughout their whole camp and can be heard sometimes for several miles, which attracts the sportsman to their whereabouts. This migratory bird is found in all the warm and temperate regions of the globe, particularly in the former, and so numerous, that over one hundred species have been enumerated.

There have been more of them here in Saline county this spring, than we recollect ever to have seen before. Some of our sportsmen have had fine diversion shooting them on the wing. The black man, Bob, whose power we apply to our large press instead of that of steam, brought down six the other day at a single shot.

April 23, 1873. Wild pigeons. Saline County Progress 8(39): 1.