20 May 2014

Pending Buildings Include Features Hazardous to Birds

Two proposed building projects proposed for downtown Omaha would include structures with features known to be dangerous to migratory birds. Both projects are in the same vicinity of several other buildings where there have been numerous bird-window collisions.

Especially hazardous would be the mixed-use Shamrock Development slated for the block northwest of 10th and Capitol Avenue. There would be multiple buildings, many with glass being used as the exterior walls. An area of retail would include a courtyard area surrounded by multiple structures. The entire extent of landscaping is not known, though street-side trees are shown in the architectural rendering.

Courtesy image

The Lanoha Development would be built at 14th and Dodge Street. An architectural rendering shows an extensive use of glass for the exterior walls.

Courtesy image

This building would be prominently hazardous as it is located directly south of the First National Park, with its numerous trees and other green-space that attract various birds.

It seems apparent that bird-safe building options have not been considered in the architectural design for either project.