18 May 2014

Speculations on Wild Pigeon Flights at New Holland

For several days during this week a number of flocks of wild pigeons passed over this place. Several of these flocks were very large and contained immense numbers of these migratory birds. They do no generally pass over this section of country at this season of the year, and there have been different speculations as to the cause of their appearance. Most of the flocks, we believe, were flying in a southerly direction and some have thought that they had been further north for the purpose of breeding and had found the season too cold yet, and hence are moving southward again. According to Audubon and other learned ornithologists they do not undertake their journeys for the purpose of seeking a warmer climate, but to procure food and hence migrate only as their food in one place becomes exhausted, and consequently are irregular in their migrations, as to date.

April 3, 1875. Wild pigeons. New Holland Clarion 3(12): 2.