18 May 2014

Greene County - Immense Pigeon Roost on James Creek

An extensive pigeon roost exists on James creek, about twelve miles south-east of Springfield. The Patriot says the slaughter of the innocents goes on fearfully there every night. Men go out in Democrat wagons, carrying implements, and come back sober, with sacks of pigeons — bags of pigeons. We have pigeon pies for dinner, broiled pigeons for breakfast, and warmed over for supper. The market price is 25 cents per dozen., with a downward tendency. Barrels, bales, and tons of pigeons are shipped daily for St. Louis. Men have forgotten politics; bolters, for the time being, have respite and nepenthe, and people talk, think and feel only for pigeons.

November 3, 1870. Neighborhood news. Greene county. Bolivar Free Press 3(23): 3.