15 May 2014

Pigeons Likely to Breed in Kentucky

Lexington, (Kty.) March 22.

From all appearances, the Pigeons are like to remain with us during the breeding season, which will prove very destructive to the spring crop if some method is not fallen on which will prevent their taking it. A few days pass I was informed by a respectable gentleman, that some years ago, when the pigeons were in like numbers, they had taken up all his first planting of corn. He then got some Tar, and poured it in gently amongst his corn, stirring it at the same time until the whole was touched with it; he thus planted, and it remained undisturbed. He farther informed me that this had been his practice to guard against blackbirds in Virginia.

April 16, 1808. [Pigeons.] New York Herald 655: 2.