16 May 2014

Pigeons Pulling Corn From Fields in New York

We understand that great destruction has been occasioned in the cornfields of our county, by the immense flocks of pigeons, which pull the corn. In many fields the crop has been utterly destroyed. As the pigeons eat the corn, the only redress the farmers can have, is, to eat the pigeons. Now is the time sportsmen! Out with your double barrels and old Continental pieces, and scour the fields. — Fredonia Censor.

Just so about here. Many of the farmers have planted their corn ground's twice, and each time it having been carried off by the pigeons, they have abandoned the attempt, and use the ground for other purposes. Indeed so bold have they become that no sooner is a hill planted than a score stand ready to scratch it up. Powder and shot, scarecrows, poison, boys and men are insufficient to protect the cornfields. — Randolph Whig.

Some of our farmers have planted their fields for the fourth time, and the pigeons have promptly taken it up.

Issued June 18, 1856. Pigeons pulling corn. Westfield Republican 2(9): 3.