14 May 2014

Reports of Georgia Pigeon Roosts

Macon Telegraph: News has reached the city of an immense pigeon roost on the lower edge of Taylor county, where the droves of birds are so large that large limbs are frequently broken from the trees when they alight. A party of gentlemen from this city contemplate a visit to the roost, and should they go, expect great sport in engaging in a wholesale shooting of the feathered strangers. This is just the season of the year when the wild pigeons are returning from their southward migration and roosts are reported in several other portions of the state. In Macon county a roost has been established, and a day or two since a number of gentlemen went from Montezuma and Oglethorpe to it and killed a number of the birds. Millions are said to be there every night. Another roost is in the southwestern part of Talbot county and it is immense also in its proportions, extending over several acres. The favorite food of the birds is black jack masts, of which there is a good supply through the swamps this season of the year. The sportsmen of Talbot county have a lively fusillade at the birds every evening.

March 9, 1880. [Reports of Georgia pigeon roosts.] Atlanta Weekly Constitution 12(38): 3.