15 May 2014

Flocks of Wild Pigeons Among Streets of Boston

During the last week the inhabitants of this City, were amazed with the extraordinary circumstances of flocks of wild pigeons flying along the streets and alighting on the houses, trees, and walls within the town. They came from the Point Levi side, and were all young ones, hardly able to fly. The opportunity was too inviting to the City Sportsmen to be resisted notwithstanding the regulations of police, and as was to be expected from such marksmen, persons passing in the streets and highways were hit nearly as frequently as the pigeons. The constables at length interfered, and the Chasseurs disappeared; but it is thought that the pigeons, which did not seem to mind the Chasseurs, have been terrified at the sight of the Constables; for they have also disappeared.

July 12, 1815. [Flocks of wild pigeons among streets of Boston.] Boston Daily Advertiser 9(84): 2.