15 May 2014

Wild Pigeons at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pa. Nov. 30.

It is perhaps a remarkable circumstance that the wild pigeons have not made their return this Fall. Last Spring an immense multitude of pigeons passed through our country in almost every direction towards the North, in order, as usual, to abide in that region during the Summer season, and to breed and raise their young. Believing it has been customary with these birds to make a semi-annual flight every year, namely, in the Fall, to pass over to the South, and again in the Spring of the year, to return back to the Northern States : they have not as yet returned towards the South, and it is probable, on account of the lateness of the season, they will not. Have these pigeons taken another route, or are they making the experiment to winter in the North? This is not known. Also large flocks of wild geese and swans passed last Spring through the air, (whether they did so here we do not know) at least in that part of our country where we then resided, and none of these we believe, have passed over to their heretofore usual Winter quarters : It is, at all events, strange, that the above named birds of passage have till now deferred their journey. — Emporium.

December 8, 1826. Washington D.C. Daily National Intelligencer 15(4329): 3. From the Pittsburgh Emporium.