16 May 2014

A Good Days Work Catching Pigeons

The Shippensburg News, of Saturday last, says: The most astonishing success in catching pigeons lately record, has been exhibited by a gentleman in one of the small valleys in Perry county. We understand that no less than five thousand and seventy-eight of these birds were caught by this "wholesale destroyer" in a single day! These are the rate of 25 cents per dozen, at which they were disposed of, yielded the snug little sum of one hundred and five dollars and seventy-fives cents for one day's work. Who can beat it?

Text from Columbia Spy article.
April 25, 1850. Good day's work. Jeffersonian Republican 10(36): 2. Also: April 24, 1850 in the Lancaster Examiner and Herald 12(21): 3. Also April 27, 1850 in the Columbia Spy 3(43): 3 as from the Shippensburg News.