16 May 2014

Pigeons Roost in Lewis County, New York

We have received a letter from the pigeon country, which informs us that the pigeon roosts are in Montague and the edge of Osceola, Lewis Co., about eight miles from New Boston, and some four, five or six miles from Redfield; one way to get their is via Pierrepont Manor or Adams — another way, by Florence and Redfield. We further learn that millions upon millions of pigeons are nesting there, and that they occupy the space of some six or seven miles square; a company of five men visited the woods last week, and in the course of one day, they killed over five hundred pigeons; the nests can be reached within a couple of miles, by wagons. — Rome Sentinel.

May 25, 1850. The pigeons. Buffalo Daily Courier 23(104): 2.