16 May 2014

Immense Flocks of Wild Pigeons About Sunbury

Immense flocks of wild pigeons passed through this section of country, during last week, on their Northern migratory journey. Large quantities that had been caught in nets were brought to town, and sold at 25 to 31 cts. per dozen. The hail storm of Tuesday checked their progress, and on Wednesday the heavens were in many places literally darkened with immense flocks, which had suddenly turned about and were making not exactly tracks, but rapid flight for the South. But the fields in many places were covered with them in search of food. The sportsmen, with the net and gun, have a fine time, and in a few days pigeons will be plenty at a shilling per dozen.

April 3, 1848. Pigeons. Sunbury American and Shamokin Journal 7(28): 2.