16 May 2014

Pigeon Reports From Indiana


The Michigan City (Ind.) Enterprise, is about half filled with accounts of pigeon-shooting, drives of pigeons, pigeon pies, etc. Here is one of its items:

"An early walk, a few mornings since, afforded us a novel sight. Hanging, apparently, over the calm blue of the lake in low, horizontal lines, were dark looking cloud like strata, that seemed to come westward with a rapidity that indicated a storm. A few minutes, however, served to reveal the mystery, and millions of pigeons were rushing over our head toward the western prairies. A grander or more exciting spectacle we have not often seen of a morning in April."

It adds that the whole town is out "a hunting," and the firing of guns is incessant. From which we infer that pigeons are "numerous" up that way.

The Delphi (Ind.) Journal tells the following pigeon story:

"Mr. Richard Sibbitt, living two or three miles west of this place, has caught 555 dozen pigeons this spring, and sent them to the Louisville market. In one day he caught over 1,400 - a big day's work for one man."

A Mile of Pigeons.

The Terre Haute American says that the country thereabout is literally swarming with wild pigeons. One the evening of the 9th, about 5 o'clock, a flock, near a mile in length, by about sixty feet deep, passed directly over the city — making a noise audible to a great distance.

April 20, 1855. Pigeons. New York Daily Tribune 15(4369): 6.