16 May 2014

Pigeons on the Buttermilk in Cattaraugus County

The Springfield Herald of the 17th says, there is now in this vicinity, "number and numberless pigeons. We understand that they are nesting in a heavy wood, on the Buttermilk, in Cattaraugus county, five or six miles south of this village. Early mornings, as soon as it is light — they commence flying in pursuit of food. They pass out north, and for aught we know, in every other direction — and it is astonishing to see what multitudes there are. The woods, fields and even the door yards about the village, are literally covered with them for two or three hours every morning. They remain out till towards night, when they pass back. The usually fly very low — so low that many have been killed by striking against the wires of the New York and Erie Telegraph. Dozens at a shot are frequently brought down by gunners. The place were they nest must by one of the great interest — on the same tree from fifty to a hundred nests are formed of dried twigs, in which the eggs are deposited. The female sites the greater part of the time till the young are hatched, being fed by the male.

June 10, 1851. Pigeons. Galveston Civilian and Gazette 13(n.a.): 1.