15 May 2014

Air Alive With Pigeons - Woods Thronged With Sportsmen

New Haven, Sept. 8.

The air for a few days past has been alive with pigeons, and the woods thronged with sportsmen. So great a flight of pigeons has not been observed these twenty years. Great numbers have been killed and taken, and they have been afforded in market at the extreme low price of 12 1-2 cents the dozen. Some sportsmen who have stages, have taken twenty or thirty dozen in day. Mr. Todd of East Haven, caught, we are informed, 1352 pigeons on Friday, in a net — most of them young birds, very fat and very fine. — Adv.

September 12, 1829. [Air alive with pigeons - woods thronged with sportsmen.] New Haven, Sept 8. Haverhill Gazette 3(32): 3. Also: September 17, 1829 in the Catskill Recorder 26(22): 2.