16 May 2014

Fat and Plump Wild Pigeons Killed at Buffalo

Our sportsmen, are enjoying their broiled pigeons and pot-pies, unseasonable as these dishes may seem to most of our readers. It is a singular fact that the woods adjacent to the city are filled with pigeons, fat and plump as ever were taken from the harvest field. They are killed in quantities with the utmost case, we learn from those who what been out. A large flock a day or two since came into the city, and for a time took up position upon the Post Office. These are unusual visitors at this season, and we are at a loss to account for their appearance. Some attribute it to the quantity of beech nuts in the woods and the prospect of an open Winter. — Buff. Express.

January 7, 1847. Wild pigeons. Little Falls Mohawk Courier 13(28): 3.