15 May 2014

Innumerable Pigeons in Catauqua and Cattaraugus Counties

We have been informed that an innumerable host of pigeons commenced building their nests about 5 or 6 miles southeast of this village in this town, and have extended them as far as Big Valley in Cattaraugus county, which is not less than thirty miles, and that the range is about 3 miles wide. It is impossible to make any thing like a correct calculation of the number of pigeons within these bounds, as every tree is literally covered with their nests. They hatch several times in a season, and one young brood has already come off, and they fly very low when young, it is said that from 150 to 200 dozen have been killed in a day, at or near the village of Dunkirk, by knocking them down with poles. — Chataque Censor.

June 5, 1822. [Innumerable Pigeons in Catauqua and Cattaraugus counties, Pa.] Gettysburg Republican Compiler 4(39): 4.