16 May 2014

Pigeon Roost Discovered Near Holmesville, Mississippi

A pigeon roost has recently been discovered about ten miles from Holmesville, Miss., where some of the lovers of sport have repaired and killed hundreds. The editor of the Holmesville Free Press states that at the roost, trees may be seen almost branchless, caused by their having been overburdened by the weight of those birds at night. When they have assembled, and at the time of their collecting at the roost, nothing is to be heard by the roaring occasioned by their continual fluttering. Those who know nothing of the appearance of a "pigeon roost" are informed that it is a place selected by the wild pigeon at the present season of the year, to feed upon the mast of the yielding oak. Hither they assembled in large flocks from a distance of many miles around, during the existence of the mast, as regular as the sun sets in the west, and at the hour of dawn, prepare to seek again the scenes of their daily feastings.

March 12, 1844. A pigeon roost. Rochester Republican 27(45): 4.