16 May 2014

Miles and Clouds of Pigeons

The Wheeling (Va.) Intelligencer of the 13th ult. says:

"Yesterday morning the sky here was almost black at intervals for several hours with flocks of pigeons going north. We saw one flock which, from the time it took to pass, must have been over a mile long. They flew so near the earth that they could easily have been shot on the wing, and made in their rapid flight a noise like the 'voice of many waters.' They doubtless came from the immense pigeon roosts in Kentucky and Tennessee, where for some time past the woods have been breaking beneath them."

The Columbus (Ohio) papers inform us that the upper air in that region is darkened by miles upon miles of pigeons. There is a great odor of pigeons about the place. Men kill pigeons, eat pigeons, sleep on pigeon suppers, and dream of pigeons — people's teeth are wearing out in chewing pigeons, people's eyes are growing inflamed looking at pigeons, and people's brains are becoming fuddled in contemplating the endless panorama of pigeons. The 'frogs of Egypt' once upon a time, were sparse in comparison with the pigeons that overwhelm the interior of the State.

March 2, 1854. [Miles and clouds of pigeons.] Jeffersonian 14(17): 2.