14 May 2014

Large Pigeon Roost in Oregon County

There is at present a large wild pigeon-roost in Oregon county, Mo., near the Arkansas line. The pigeons began roosting there about two or three months ago, and change the roost about once a month, usually going only a few miles distant. They are now moving toward Ozark county to the westward. The roost covers about four square miles, thickly studded with low, scrubby postoak timber, and in every bush and tree are from ten to twenty nests. When the squabs are large enough to be taken they are cooped and fed until ready for shipment. Also, grown birds are taken whenever they can be, particularly soon after the squabs are hatched. The large birds sell for $1 a dozen and the squabs for 25 cents. They are shipped by tens of thousands on large orders to St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati and farther east. A St. Louis firm has a force of men working the roost. They feed about twenty-five bushels of shelled corn a day to the birds they now have on hands in coops. Some seven or eight years ago the birds roosted in that county. This flock is supposed to have come from the Indian nation.

July 9, 1883. [Large pigeon roost in Oregon County, Missouri.] Fort Worth Daily Gazette 7(182): 2.