14 May 2014

Sporting Gentlemen at Pigeon Congregation by Black River Falls

A sporting gentleman from this cit has been this week at the so-called "pigeon roost," twenty-three miles southeast of Black River Falls, on the old Tomah road, where, at this season of the year, the pigeons congregate in vast numbers and become the prey of regiments of sportsmen, who are now slaughtering them. In some cases, individuals have killed as many there as ninety-five in one day; but an observer states that upon careful calculation he discovers that the average number of shots ordinarily required to kill one pigeon is seven or eight. "Spotters" frequent this favorite shooting ground, and all persons shooting or netting within the prescribed limits are quite certain to be arrested. Six are now in durance vile, under fines of $50 each, for one of these offences.

May 10, 1882. [Sporting gentlemen at pigeon congregation by Black River Falls.] Eau Claire Free Press 10(10~): 4.<.cite>