16 May 2014

Immense Numbers of Pigeons in New Jersey and New York

We learn there are immense numbers of pigeons in the vicinity of the city, in every direction. The Express on Tuesday says: — We are informed by a market man, this morning, that there was an immense number of wild pigeons to be found about two miles and a half from Hoboken, in New Jersey. They are in the finest condition and so abundant as to break down the trees upon which they alight. One man, before breakfast, a short time since, succeeded in killing no less than three hundred. The younger sportsmen of our city never had a better opportunity to ignite a few pounds of powder.

And the Brooklyn Advertiser of the same day says: — The woods from Flatbush to Fort Hamilton and Bath are swarming with wild pigeons. A sportsman that cannot shoot sixty within the hour is considered but a poor shot. Pigeon pie is a fashionable dish in the state of Long Island, just now.

September 17, 1847. Pigeons. Huntington Long Islander 9(6): 2.