16 May 2014

Millions of Pigeons Filling Tennessee Woods

Millions of pigeons have been filling the woods for many miles around us, for several weeks past. They have a roost several miles in extent in the edge of Hickman county, and with a torch and club the citizens sally forth at night and bring home their game by meal-bags full. The woods on the dividing ridge between Lickcreek and Garrison Fork of Harpeth were on fire last week to an extent of several miles, supposed to have caught from the light of those engaged in bagging the game. — From Franklin (Tenn.) Herald, Nov. 23rd.

December 20, 1849. [Millions of pigeons filling Tennessee woods.] Oneida Morning Herald 3(42): 2. Also: January 19, 1850 in Sag-Harbor Corrector 28(68): 2.