16 May 2014

Alabama Woods Swarming with Wild Pigeons

The Central Alabamian, of the 11th inst., says:

Our woods are now swarming with millions of wild pigeons, attracted to our region no doubt by the abundant crop of acorns which have not yet fallen from the oak trees. So numerous are they, that the sound of their wings when they start from one part of the forest to another, resembles heavy distant thunder. It is said that they have a roost a few miles south of Elyton, where they pass the night among the branches of tall long leaf pines, and that such numbers are collected at this nightly bivouac, that their weight causes a continual falling of the branches, so as to render it rather hazardous to approach them. Sportsmen with their double barreled shot guns have fine amusement in shooting them, and the children take great delight late in the evening, in watching the dark masses as they make their way to the general rendezvous.

February 54, 1856. Wild pigeons. Washington D.C. Evening Star 7(932): 3.