05 July 2008

Grackles Common Casualties at Buildings in Early Summer

July 11th

A Belted Kingfisher was the surprise find of this morning, at the Central Park Plaza, south tower corner.

Along south 18th, there were five carcasses on the street, on the north side beneath the Tower Park crosswalk. Four of these were formerly Common Grackles. The other carcass was that of an American Robin. Each had been well flattened by traffic.

The buildings to which the walkway is attached are owned by the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance company, according to the web site of the county assessor.

Reflective conditions at the State Office Building, downtown Omaha. There are two Common Grackle carcasses present. 05 Jul 2008.

July 8th

Two additional grackle carcasses were noted. One was an aged carcass at the OWH Freedom Center locale. The second, a juvenile, was at a new spot for a bird strike, the northwest corner of the Omaha Public Power District headquarters, on 17th Street.

Early Summer Mortality

Common Grackles have been the notable casualty at known hazardous buildings on the past two weekends.

Five carcasses were noted Saturday morning, July 5th in downtown Omaha. The first was noted in the courtyard at the Holland Performing Arts Center, and one bird glanced off the upper glass on the sky-like reflection on the upper west wall, when my disturbance caused it to fly from the enclosed area.

There was another grackle carcass at the northeast corner, on the sidewalk at Central Park Plaza.

The most notable carcass scene was on the north side of the Nebraska State Office building, at the glass walled, entry area. Three carcasses were present, and had signs that made them appear to be recent. These juveniles were probably raised in the area. The landscaped, Central Park Mall is across Farnam Street from the building.

Common Grackles were seen foraging in a few small groups at grassy places around the downtown area.

An injured juvenile Common Grackle at the north side of the Nebraska State Office Building. It has a severly injured, right leg. 5 July 2008.

Bony relict of the carcass of a Northern Cardinal on the north side of the Architecture Hall link. These remains have obviously been present for an extended period of time. Picture taken 29 June 2008.

Common Grackles were the notable remains noted on Sunday, June 29th on the UNL City campus. At least three were found in various conditions. Aged carcasses of two other species were also noted.

Two fatalities were at the CPN walkway, and an aged, third carcass at the west side of the passageway on the north side of Oldfather Hall.

Carcass below the walkway on the north side of Oldfather Hall, at UNL on 29 June.

Carcass on the stairway at the west side of the CPN walkway. There was a second carcass of a Common Grackle at this locale. Date: 29 Jun 2008.

Other locations where strikes have occurred, were checked to a lesser extent.

Walkway on the south side of Oldfather Hall. Note the smears, which with a closer look, a couple appeared to have indications of being caused by a bird strike. 29 Jun 2008.

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