11 April 2009

Glory of a Sunrise With Bird Grandeur on an April Morning

As spring spreads across land of the plains, morning sky places provide many a special sighting of distinct birds going about their daily, normal ways. With temperatures rising, and a fresh blush of plants just starting to issue buds or peak from the warming earth, local haunts of some type are places to appreciate where birds are getting along with necessities of their distinctive, and focused times.

Mornings are an especially fine occasion to see what avian species are extant. Forget that big word last used, as just getting out at dawn, with its distinctive quiet and freshness of the day, is always a fine way to realize another time. Birds are flying about to find and relish in their distinct and indicative manner, food and shelter for another particular day in their lives.

Cedar Waxwings. April morning sunrise in the park.

So many details might be considerations for any focus on the natural history or behavior of winged ones about a local habitat on an April morning. What to consider? How many species were seen at the park, lake, wetland, beach, island or other place this day? How many were there of each species? What was seen that has not been seen before? How does the species composition compare to previous recorded information? And of course, a compliant watcher should note the species and how many and a particular locality and enter the particulars as a personal contribution for some database. The dates and details are important, and the species composition and habitat situation, etc., may show some changes in climate, species distribution, extent of a population, habitat conditions, or other humanoid concerns. Etc., again and maybe again, depending.

Birds do care about existence in their own way, living day to day with some readily apparent focus on survival, hopefully without undue, and unnecessary disturbance, dangers and threats. Their times are impinged upon in many ways - how much of their habitat is destroyed again and again - as so many varieties of birds strive to survive the changes constantly imposed on their world.

Watching does certainly provide a human perspective, with foibles of some particular intensities.

What is flying over there beyond the grove? Hear that distinctive call in the pines. A flock is flying with hearty and certain beats of their wings, moving northward in the ageless tradition for generations. Something different could perhaps be seen by a watcher, maybe as a certain dramatic indication, as once again species are moving about in search of a tidbit to eat or wending along to their preferred summer haunts. Though this is without any care for someone that is spying on what they are doing. Birds species always appreciate a place with the food and shelter - those basic comforts which are so important - that let them survive and thrive. Birds could care less whether someone documents their passage. They might rather prefer having a few less folks who's dogs would harass them, or bother them as they build a nest to raise a treasured brood, or flush them away from a spot with warming sun that is a suitable place to roost and rest for the coming hectic times while raising a brood.

Details of each day might be considered once and again, in many a diverse manner, but the birds don't care about how they might be seen or appreciated. They live their lives, and any observer is a voyeur into their realm of existence.

Gull sky at dawn. April 10, 2009.

The duality of the situation is deserving of some proper consideration. Birds do not charge any of their neighbors to impose upon their as they live in their natural realm. Watchers can appreciate and perhaps understand something without any fee. In return, they do deserve proper consideration and assistance to help them thrive and survive.


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