06 September 2009

Update of World Bird Names Released

A new version of the list of names for world birds has been released and continues to present prominant advances in understanding the taxonomic relationship for the earths avifauna.

"World Bird List 2.2 contains 10,347 species classified in 39 Orders, 224 Families (+6 Incertae sedis) and 2197 Genera," according to the website of the International Ornithological Committee. Thirteen species had been added, and six deleted as they were determined to be extinct.

The "alignments of New Guinea bird names with the preferences of the working group of experts," Gill noted as being one of the more significant changes in the update. Phil Gregory, was especially helpful with doing changes for the new version, with contributions on "a master list of the birds of New Guinea and Bismarck Archipeligo."

The biggest challenge: "Restructuring the classification of babblers including Sylviidae babblers and white-eyes based on major DNA papers, but only to a provisional working list that is now getting helpful feedback," Gill said in an email. The bird list presents a provisional classification of these species, with further features needing to be considered in their taxonomy.

And, the taxonomy of the trogons was resequenced in the manner typical to the regular updates of classification, released by any ornithological authority.

As for the next list of the proper names for world birds, "Lots to go!!," Gill said in reference to the need to be adding new species.

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