01 May 2010

Graffiti Mars Elmwood Park Environs

Graffiti mars several places in Elmwood Park. Much of it was placed by vandals some time ago and has never been dealt with. The following examples are those which were present on April 30th, and represents what is being done by miscreants.

These first three were present on the morning of April 30th, but were painted over during the afternoon, as they were not visible on the morning of May 1st. It is quite surprising that the graffiti done here by the grotto is removed very quickly, while elsewhere it is ignored. Perhaps the city wants to grotto to be a beautiful places for weddings and so that the many people that take portrait photographs there are do not have to seen where the vandals repeatedly mar the walls of the tunnel under the street.

The next eight are where the culvert under Dodge Street empties into Wood Creek, at the north end of the Elmwood Park Ravine. Just to the south is the former Fort Puff.

These five are beneath the Jones Street bridge, just south of Shadow Lake, at the southeast corner of Elmwood Park.

These last few are beneath the south end of the bridge of Wood Creek, west of the grotto at Elmwood Park.

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