27 September 2010

A Thousand Hurts - Nebraska Bird-strikes Tally

Finding a bird strike victim in Lincoln years ago started a trail which hit a sad mark. This morning, a bit after 7 a.m., while bicycling about downtown Omaha to survey the latest bird strikes occurrence, the 1000th example was noted.

After a tally of 11 victims on Sunday, there was a certain expectation with migration actively underway, that the next day would be when this figure would be reached. And it was ... Monday, September 27, 2001 is a day of infamy when the hurts and pains of so many birds hit such a peak of numbers which have suffered from bird strikes.

The following are the three latest victims.

Number 998

Nashville Warbler at the Harper Center, Creighton University.

Number 999

Black-and-White Warbler at the Qwest Center. Note in the first picture how the bird as its head tucked away, as it suffers from hitting the glass on the west side of the building. The second picture is taken after the bird was taken elsewhere for improve its conditions for a hopeful recovery.

Number 1000

Nashville Warbler at 1200 Landmark Center. The carcass was obviously stepped on or smashed in some other manner.

A new rhyme is being used to describe what happens with each bird strike found:

If the bird is dead, leave it lay
If there is life, take it away

Live birds are placed in a dark, comfortable container and then taken to a nearby green space and placed into a tree where they can safely recover.

There is so much more to say about this campaign which has been going in spurts since 2007, but those comments will have to wait. It is such a shame that so many bits of feathered color have lost their lives, and ended up being indifferently thrown into the trash, just like a piece of paper refuse from a fast-food joint.

Another Day, More Dead Birds

The following three fatalities were found on the morning of September 28, 2010. They were at the Holland Performing Arts Center, with its obviously hazardous glass.

Number 1001

Number 1002

Number 1003

How Omaha Welcomes Migratory Birds

On Wednesday morning, September 29, 2010, a bird-strike victim was found at a building where there had been no previous occurrences. A dead Wood Thrush was found outside the Convention and Visitor's Bureau office at the 1000 block of Farnam on the Mall.

This strike is an indication of how Omaha welcomes bird, and it is ironic and sublime that the thrush was found dead outside of the Visitor's Bureau. The "Visi" of the sign can be seen in the upper portion of the glass doors.

Number 1009