07 June 2011

Martins Return to Midtown Omaha

A few Purple Martins have already returned to their seasonal roost at Midtown Omaha.

After receiving a report from a neighborhood birder, the roost was visited on the evening of June 6th. The birds were flying about the roost site, and some perched on the wind sock structure atop the Kiewit Center. None were on the power lines as they had been seen when first noticed for the season in the past two years.

An estimated 50-75 were seen, though more birds using the roost could have arrived after my pre-sunset departure.

This occurrence is three weeks prior to the date the roost was first noted in 2010.

This is just the beginning of the annual spectacle. The number of martins will increase in the coming weeks to its peak later in the season.

There were a bunch of Chimney Swifts in the skies near 40th and Farnam Streets. The actual chimneys they were using was not noted, but the set of chimneys at the Sullivan's Bar building seem to have good potential.