19 March 2012

Demolition Pending for Florence Home Chimney

Demolition is pending for a roost chimney in the Florence area of Northeast Omaha. The Florence Home at 7900 North 30th Street is slated for demolition.

The destruction would remove a chimney that has been known to be used as a roost by chimney swifts at least back to 1991, according to a neighborhood bird watcher. He indicated that more than hundred have been seen using the large 6x6 bricks chimney.

These pictures were taken to document the structure, and that another important chimneys for swifts is being lost.

This rooftop vantage point would provide a perfect spot on a fine evening to watch the arrival and descent of the swifts into their night's roost.

It is not known at this time when the building will be razed.