26 June 2014

Dam Damage Threatens Pond at Elmwood Park

Shadow Lake at Elmwood Park is threatened by extensive erosional damage to its dam. In response, the following email with four pictures was sent to the director of Omaha Public Works, the director of Omaha Parks and Recreation, as well as the office of Omaha's mayor.

Attached are some pics showing the severely damaged condition of the dam at Shadow Lake, as noted on June 25th.

When this is repaired, how will water be kept in the pond to allow survival of the more than 20 pre-flight wood ducks now present? Draining of the pond will threaten their survival and this will be their status for another month.

This situation would not have occurred if the berm had been fixed soon after the initial report of damage as noted on May 15th...

The dam damage is significantly greater now than it was six weeks ago. It is also a greater hazard as well as a threat to the large sewer line, which can readily be seen down in the deep hole caused by the ongoing erosion.

Water improperly flowing through the earthen dam structure, rather than the installed drain.

Painted turtle enjoying the sunny setting at Shadow Lake.

Midday view of Shadow Lake on June 25th. There were more than 20 Wood Ducks present during the first, mid-morning visit.

Damage here had been originally noted on May 15th, and reported then to Public Works. There was no repair work done in response, other than placement of sandbags in an attempt to inhibit the improper drainage.

The dam which created Shadow Lake, was built to provide a route for a neighborhood sewer line.