09 October 2014

CSO! Project Construction at Adams Park

Construction of CSO! Project features has started at Adams Park, in north Omaha. Nearly all of the former features at the low-lying area on the west side of the park, including the overlook, sidewalks, vegetation, etc. have been removed or demolished.

Construction crews are currently placing massive water conduits along the west side of the trees, on the east side of the low-lying area.

All features associated with the former Gabrielle Union Pond, have or will soon be completely removed.

Photographs taken October 8, 2014.

The pipestand in the foreground is the only remnant of the former ballfields.

The barren area where there was formerly a ballfield and parking for park visitors.

The remaining cement structure of the former bridge over the water area on the west side of the Gabrielle Union Pond.

Another view of the former ballfield area.

This is a view of the current mud, with a relict sign which once said no swimming. All of the vegetation, including trees, has been removed.

This is the site of the demolished overlook on the east side of the former Gabrielle Union Pond.

The current condition of the former pond, and the pump being operated to remove the remaining water. There will be no wetland remaining and all wetland vegetation and other features will be removed. A roadway is proposed for construction through this area.

Another view of the wetland removal underway.

A graphic of the final project design is available online in association with CSO! project information. This is an optimized rendition of the project features as proposed upon its completion.

Information on the park project, as presented in December 2012.

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