30 April 2015

Banner Proclaims BRK Profits from Pollution

A banner placed on a prominent pedestrian bridge at Omaha was an obvious message of environmental concern.

The morning of April 29th, a banner proclaiming "BRK PROFITS FROM POLLUTION" was placed on the west side of the Dodge Street pedestrian bridge between Memorial Park and Elmwood Park.

BRK apparently refers to Berkshire Hathaway as this is its stock ticker symbol. The company is holding its annual stockholder meeting this weekend at Omaha.

There is no indication of what the banner referred to, though there are certainly possible topics, especially the transportation of hazardous crude oil (a.k.a. in some parlance as "bomb trains").

The sign was present in time for the morning rush hour traffic going eastward on Dodge Street. The message was obviously seen by thousands of commuters.

By about 11 a.m., it had been removed by the Public Works Department, as there was no permit issued for it to be placed on the bridge.

It is not known who placed the banner. It was obviously well done, as the typography was uniform and not haphazard looking.

This is a video of the banner just before it was removed.
Best viewed with sound on mute.

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