05 August 2015

Medical Center Places Banners on Roost Skywalk

With the number of Purple Martins increasing at their midtown roost, a visit was made to the facilities management office of the Nebraska Medical Center to ask about placing the banners on the skywalk.

A request was left with the staff in the office on Monday morning. The banners were not there Monday evening but were in place on Tuesday morning. The attention to this matter is personally appreciated and will hopefully help birds avoid any collisions with the glass of the skywalk.

Number are increasing at the roost, and any evening now is a good time to visit and enjoy the free spectacle of the birds as they gather and swarm and swoop into the roost trees.

Martin sky at the roost on August 3rd. All of the little black specks are Purple Martins.

Few people have been seen appreciating these birds this year.