14 September 2015

Osprey Enjoys Fish from Mill Pond at Valentine

A Western Osprey found fishing to be good while visiting the Mill Pond on Minnechaduza Creek at north Valentine. It landed atop a utility line pole just north of the west end of the pond on September 10th. It ate a fish in complete comfort, tearing away the flesh of what appeared to be a bullhead. For a time as it was closely watched, it just stood there and looked around. A particular attention of the bird was to the aerial realm, as it was seen to several times look upwards at the sky, perhaps to be sure no other bird wanted to steal its meal.

The next morning, an osprey was again seen atop a pole along Lake Shore Drive on the north side of the pond. It was inadvertently disturbed and flew away with its catch carried in its talons. It went eastward and was again disturbed along the street. This time the bird kept its perch, but indicated its view of being disturbed by strident vocalization. My bicycling continued without any further disturbance to the bird, though a moment was taken to look back – from a distance – to appreciate a good view.

A single osprey was seen again on Sep. 19, eating a fish atop the same utility pole as on the 11th.