14 November 2015

Cedar Waxwings Appreciate Valentine Berry Tree

A flock of Cedar Waxwings have been seen appreciating an old tree along Main Street in front of the Valentine Public Library. There were about fifteen feasting on the berries during the morning of November 14th. They were obviously relishing the food source on a blustery day. Several would feed but if disturbed by a patron, fly to the larger tree just to the north. Some were seen perching in the north tree. Some were also seen to fly across the street to the City of Valentine office building and cling to the front facade, for some birdly reason.

The birds were first noticed because of their distinctive whistle.

Plans had been to remove the tree in the near term, as it is "half-dead." Upon learning that the waxwings were feeding on the berries, the schedule will apparently be delayed so that migratory birds could eat the ample ripe, red berries.

There were also a few House Sparrows present among the branches of the berry tree.

Something new will be planted in the spring.