16 March 2016

Sky Birds of Late Winter

As temperatures have warmed in recent days, a variety of bird sounds have become obvious among the habitats of Valentine.

The Eurasian Collared Doves have been especially expressive while staking a claim on a breeding space, within town and northward about the Mill Pond. The few bright red cardinals can be heard early in the morning.

Robins are actively establishing their claim to a breeding space. They have been noted upon one fence or another, just a few feet apart, while they hop around - a few feet apart - to establish territorial dominance. Bald eagles are sitting on their nest. Red-tailed Hawks have their place to nest. Owls are also involved, caring for their early season nest.

Especially subtle and exquisite during these spring times is the bird with a cerulean color that mimics the hue of the day's sky. The dramatic featheration of the blue bird is distinctly unique. The feathers are at their prime as the males express the claim to a territory for this season.

The Eastern Bluebirds arrived with warmer weather. They perch atop tree snags, upon utility wires, fences or other land features while being focused upon finding something edible, notably early season insects.

The coloration of these birds is dramatic as they renew their residence. The vivid blue on their back is enhanced by a brown and white chest. Their song is a pleasant phrase of soft whistles, that spreads across their chosen territory.

Females have lesser in color but are most essential for the coming breeding season.

When seen near to the other, the larger robin seems to not only have a lesser quality of a song, but also looks rather drab in any comparison of coloration.

Bluebirds are regular residents on the north side of Valentine, and elsewhere. Their daily activity can be enjoyed as a special treat these early days of an ascending spring. Placing a nest box in suitable habitat can be a way to welcome a pair to raise a brood. Their beauty is something for any avian aficionado to appreciate.

Winter is not yet done, as several Dark-eyed Junco are still seen on a daily basis, as they search for food.

Soon the wrens will arrive, and they will gather among the many nest boxes prevalent on the north side of the Mill Pond. There will soon be a plethora of wrenly activity because there are a big bunch of nest boxes where they can raise a brood.

Spring has arrived and any bird enthusiast can take their binoculars and look upon their back yard, the city park or most any place to appreciate the season's birds. Notable places within walking distance include the Mill Pond, city park and the fish hatchery. Valentine has many wild places to enjoy birds!